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Holy Rosary Boundaries Decree

Catholic Church law requires that each parish has precise geographical boundaries and the mission of the parish serves all the people of these boundaries.  Over the past two years, our diocese has been defining these parish boundaries more accurately and making sure that there is a description and map of the parish boundaries on file at the parish and the diocesan Office of the Chancellor. This decree defines newly specified boundaries.  Bishop McKnight realizes that in today’s mobile society, parishioners may go to one parish and live in the geographical boundaries of another parish. Several of our parishioners do not physically live in  the parish geographical boundary of Holy Rosary / St. Stephen.   Bishop McKnight permits this practice. However, parishioners do need to be registered in the parish where they worship. If you are not registered, in our parish please go to our parish website and register online or call the parish office.

9.11.22 HR Boundaries Decree