Religious Education/Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Religious Education Parish School of Religion (PSR)

At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Person; the Person of Jesus of Nazareth. 

Parish Schools of Religion

Parish Schools of Religion (often referred to as “PSR”) provide catechetical instruction to children and youth who attend public schools, so that young people can grow in intimacy with Jesus, be knowledgeable about their faith, and integrate the teachings of the Gospel into their lives. Parish religion programs also prepare young people for the reception of first sacraments.

These programs are often facilitated by parishes with a team of Catechists who serve, pray with and teach children within the parish in a class setting. These Catechists volunteer with the support of the parish religious education standards and procedures.

Parish schools of religion typically consist of weekly classes in religion for Catholic children who do not attend Catholic school. These classes are designed to help parents in their task of teaching their children the Catholic faith.

Parish Schools of Religion at Holy Rosary

Parents are the first teachers of our Catholic faith. We have designed our program to assist parents in teaching their children the Catholic faith. Our PSR classes are for students of Holy Rosary and St. Stephen Parishes in Kindergarten through 12th grade attending public school.

Grades K-6 PSR meets Wednesday afternoons September through April after school until 4:30 PM.

Grades 7-12 PSR meets Sundays September through April following 9:30 AM Mass at Holy Rosary until 12:00 PM.

Registration is always open and students can join a class at anytime during the school year. Please see the button link below to register. You can also find the current year's PSR calendar in the link below.

Dear 2023-2024 PSR Families,

In listening to the needs of families this past year, I am trying something new this year in our PSR calendar. We are taking one week off classes each month to give you more family time. In that effort, I am including a list of monthly themed family activities to help you build family time and teach about our faith and the importance of the domestic church - your family.

After you register for PSR please click on the dark blue link "2023-2024 PSR FAMILY CALENDAR & ACTIVITIES. You will find the calendar for both groups, K-6th grade & 7th-12th grades; a list of Days to Remember which include the Holy Days of Obligation; and a list of suggested family actitivies. Your child's or children's PSR teacher may also send home activities based on the theme of the class for that month/week.

Please make every effort to participate in at least one family activity each month. The family activity does not have to take place during the week off. Send me photos of your family participating in the activity(ies) and I will share them on the Holy Rosary Church's Facebook page. If you don't want me to share it on Facebook, please let me know. The goal of this new schedule and the activities is to give you more family time away from the hustle and bustle of our busy world. Take some time to enjoy at least one family activity and let the world wait.

Blessings to you all,

Donna Long

Director of Faith Formation
Holy Rosary & St. Stephen Parishes

Youth Ministry

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Growing in Faith

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."

MATTHEW 21:19-20 (NABRE)

Thus, the teaching mission of the Church comes from Christ himself. The responsibility for fulfilling that mandate passes on unchanged to the bishops and to all Catholics.

Within each Catholic diocese, the diocesan bishop is its principal teacher.  He is assisted by clergy, religious, and lay men and women who serve as educators and catechists in Catholic institutions, including elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, seminaries and parishes.

Catechesis is the act of handing on the Word of God intended to inform the faith community and candidates for initiation into the Church about the teachings of Christ transmitted by the Apostles.  It also involves the lifelong effort of forming people into witnesses to Christ and opening their hearts to the spiritual transformation given by the Holy Spirit.

The teaching authority of the Catholic Church, called the Magisterium, lies with all of the bishops who are led by the pope and guided by the Holy Spirit.  The pope and bishops are the authoritative teachers in the Church.

In the Diocese of Jefferson City, there are many opportunities to grow in one's faith. Each parish provides faith formation for children, teenagers and adults. This is often in our schools, Parish Schools of Religion (PSR), Bible studies, and lay movements, such as Cursillo, Marriage Encounter, Teens Encounter Christ and more.

Faith formation in Holy Rosary

Our parish offers ministries to members that increase their knowledge of the faith, draw them near to Christ in prayer and worship, and build community among our parishioners. Please see opportunities to get involved below.