Pastoral Parish Council

Pastoral Parish Council

"Do not grow slack in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord." - Romans 12:11

Pastoral Parish Council Minutes

Archived Pastoral Parish Council Minutes

Serving the parish with vision, advice and expertise

The members of the parish pastoral council are an advisory body who are elected to serve terms from the parish at large. They share and work with the Pastor in the parish decision making process.

Placeholder Man

Dr. Rodney Yager

Administration 2020-2023
Staff Woman Placeholder

Marie Little

Religious Education 2021-2024
Joni Mudd (2)

Joni Mudd

Social Concerns 2020-2023
Staff Woman Placeholder

Toni Hunter

Liturgy 2021-2024
Placeholder Man

Heath Greiman

Administration 2021-2024
Staff Woman Placeholder

Leanna Moss

Religious Education 2022-2025
John Long (2)

John Long

Social Concerns 2021-2024
Staff Woman Placeholder

Jane Crowe

Liturgy 2022-2025
Staff Woman Placeholder

Jennifer Richardson

Administration 2022-2025
Staff Woman Placeholder

Ashley Andrews

Religious Education 2023-2026
Staff Woman Placeholder

Janie Spalding

Social Concerns 2022-2025
Staff Woman Placeholder

Sharee Lincoln

Liturgy 2023-2026

Joining the Pastoral Parish Council

The Pastoral Parish Council is elected by the parish, and serves a term established by our pastor. When elections are pending, parishioners will be notified and given sufficient information to make informed decisions about Pastoral Parish Council members, and cast votes on a given day and time.